Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On the Backburner

Hey ladies and gents!

I just want you all to know that this comic is on the back burner right now. I don't have time or motivation to work on it currently and, thus, it will be updated when I get my mojo back for this story. I don't want to force it because I've tried and it just makes me dislike working on this project, so for now, enjoy what is here.

I'll update when I update I suppose.


koko said...

This makes me really, really sad, I've been checking the site regularly ever since you put the comic on hiatus. I hope you get a burst of motivation soon! If it helps, remember there are people who enjoy the hell out of what you're doing! Totem

Kumi Pumi said...

Thank you koko! That does help and I try to keep it in mind. :)

ComixFan28 said...

I'll likewise admit to feeling quite disappointed. But, knowing the few artists that I do, I understand that the "creative spark" is fickle, and often artists are prone to losing interest in one thing because something new has grabbed their attention.

While I'd love to see Oh! Mandy be continued, I think it would be doing the outstanding quality of the previous first arc a disservice if you continued work either out of pressure/guilt, or forcing yourself while still being generally uninspired.

Hopefully you'll find that...something which lit your fire for the characters and story originally.

John Carcosa said...

Good luck getting your mojo back. I'll be here when you return.