Sunday, October 13, 2013

Be Back in January 2014!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

The comic is still going and I'm working on the written portion of the stories yet to be told. The next story is only on hold due to some busy real life things I need to deal that will all be settled by Christmas time. So there is still plenty of time to vote for the next story you want to see.

Other than that, new readers and old, thanks for reading everything that's up so far!


ComixFan28 said...

The best things are always worth waiting for. Wish you the best with all your real life matters. Hope everything is good and that you have an awesome Holiday Season to look forward to :)

Kumi Pumi said...

Thank you! I hope you and everyone else has a fantastic rest of the year as well. :D

Kristo-Ham said...

Are you going to upload a new comic soon? January is almost over!

Kumi Pumi said...

I know! :(

I'm trying to find the motivation again, but paid work is taking up a lot of my drawing time.

Luis Giron said...

Well, hopefully it'll be as exiting as the first chapter :)