Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chapter 2: Page 13


Pookie said...

Like I said before, there is no way this would end without at least one of them looking like a douche...which is sad because I loved these two together. Oh well, it's been a fun ride, at least.

sumi Mingel said...

I love this comic so much!!! I hope they end up happy together. Your art and storytelling has gotten so good. Character development is the key to having an awesome story! Good job

Blunderbuss09 said...

I mean this only as constructive criticism from my point of view as a reader, not as an attack on your writing or being a hater.

You've created a forbidden relationship based on an ethical and legal moral quandary, which means it's going to be a hard task to make both the relationship and the characters likeable. So far, the story has failed to deliver on both.

Roger is a scumbag for fully knowing that this was wrong but fucked Mandy anyway (right AFTER he said why not) and despite constantly calling himself a bad person has taken one solid month of fucking to say something. He's the goddamn adult in this situation and he knows better. The fact that he's at least TRYING to end it makes him possibly redeemable.

Mandy has the excuse for being the younger of the two but her behavior is just as bad, as this page shows. She's shown a lot of bratty entitlement to having Roger - framing her forbidden attraction as 'I can't have him' and now thinking that they're in a relationship that warrants being in love - to the point that she uses physical violence when Roger tries to end it. Apparently the fact that his life would be ruined by this affair doesn't occur to her.

I honestly don't know how this relationship can go from here. The best thing for Roger to do, professionally and ethically, is to distance himself from Mandy and never sleep with her again. The best thing for Mandy to do is use this experience as a wake-up call to grow up about dating and sex. I don't know how you plan to move this relationship forward but it's going to be an uphill climb to make it likeable.